4 Tips That Will Help You Remove Fake Followers From Instagram

If you have many followers on your Instagram account, but very few likes are being received. So in this case, you need to remove fake followers from Instagram.

Such a problem usually only occurs when you increase your Instagram followers from a third-party source, or people do not like the content you provide.

If you think your content is good and liked by people. But according to followers, you are getting very little response from people. So you need to remove fake followers from Instagram.

By the way, it is easy to remove followers. But you have to keep in mind one thing. If you accidentally remove active followers instead of fake followers, you may suffer huge losses.

So before removing fake followers from your Instagram account. Read the steps below so that you do not make such a mistake. So let’s start.

1) First of all, you have to go to the FOLLOWERS section of your Instagram account, and there you have to find some accounts that will be something like this #gcjc383 #1234_545 #hfgs6754 #nfjh_46r5 After finding you have to remove them from your account because most of the fake Instagram accounts have similar names.

2) If you are not able to search fake Instagram accounts by name. So you have to go to your follower’s section again and find an account that does not have a profile photo, and the account name is different from the rest of the accounts.

If you find some such accounts, then immediately remove them. Because 99.99% of fake Instagram account does not have a profile photo.

3) If you find some such followers in your follower’s section, which you do not recognize if these followers are 100% fake or not. So in such a situation, you can analyze their account by looking at the photo and their story.

If you see the story and a few weeks old photos on that account, you can guess that it is active. If you see old photos and no story on that account, you can delete that account from your followers. But remove those followers only if there are 1-year-old pictures on his account.

4) Even after following so many methods, if you cannot find fake Instagram on followers. So you can hire an expert by going to fiverr.com. He will remove your fake followers by taking some money from you. This is the best and last option you have. Otherwise, you can follow the steps given above.

How To Safe Your Account From Fake Followers (Bonus Tips)

Safe Your Account From Fake Followers

1) You do not have to increase followers from any third-party application and website. Because many applications and websites give you free followers, but those followers are fake, and those followers will be of no use to you.

If you want to increase followers on Instagram, organically. So stay away from third-party applications and websites as much as possible

2) If you want to keep your Instagram account safe and secure from fake followers, never buy Instagram followers from any third-party website. Many SMM panels in the world give you a lot of Instagram followers cheaply.

But do you know that your Instagram account can be banned from those fake followers? Instagram never says that you can increase your followers from a third-party source.


I hope you liked today’s article about 4 Tips That Will Help You Remove Fake Followers From Instagram. As I told you above, there are also many ways to increase fake followers.

But growing real followers is a bit difficult because you cannot increase real followers from any app and website. Genuine followers can only grow by sharing great content.

If you want to increase your real followers fast, I have given links to some articles, you can see them too.

I hope you liked today’s tutorial. So don’t forget to share these methods with your friends. If you have any questions and suggestions, then you can tell us by commenting below.

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