17+ Tips That Gives You Real Followers on Instagram For Free (2022)
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17+ Tips That Gives You Real Followers on Instagram For Free (2022)

In today’s article, we will tell you 17+ tips to increase real followers on Instagram. Those tips will completely change your Instagram.

These tips can prove beneficial for you only when you apply these tips/methods in your account. But before applying these tips, you have to understand 17+ methods.

Even if you are a new and old Instagram user, these methods will be useful for you to get real followers on Instagram. Are you super excited to know these tips/methods?

If yes, then read this article till the last If you skip any point. So these tips will not prove beneficial for you. Here are the tips:

1) Put a great image of yourself on an Instagram profile. It is better that you edit the photo from the editor app before inserting the profile photo, or you can also get your profile edited by a professional.

On fiverr.com, you will get many professional photo editors who will give you your picture by editing at a Cheap rate.

2) You must keep your Instagram account public. If you keep your account private, then your posted post will not be visible to anyone. Before implementing all the tips, check your account, it is public or not.

3) While uploading photos to Instagram, you can use Instagram filters to extra improve your photos. Here you will get 22+ filters to use. It is not mandatory to use filters. If you like some filters, you can use them.

4) Hashtags also have an essential role when uploading photos to Instagram. If you use a popular hashtag, your chances of your Instagram post going viral are increased. If your post goes viral, you are likely to get real followers on Instagram.

5) One of the best features you will get to see on Instagram, which is tagging. You can tag your photos directly to any celebrity, and with your friends, these features can also be beneficial for you.

6) You will have to upload more videos to Instagram because users likely watch more videos. Such as comedy videos, tutorials.

If your videos are longer than 1 minute, you can upload videos longer than 1 minute using IGTV if your videos are liked by the user. Then he will surely follow you. To see further videos like this.

7) Whenever a new user comes to your Instagram profile, they may not know who you are. Most Instagram accounts usually give their short information in bio. If you didn’t keep an attractive bio, you are losing a lot of followers. So keep bio attracted so that the user gets to know about you.

8) If you use story highlights, you can introduce the user to your business and yourself. Your story highlight can keep the user engaged for a long time, and if he or she has even the slightest interest in you or your business, he will definitely follow you.

9) If your Instagram account is new and you want more followers as soon as possible, then you have to share the uploaded photos and videos on the rest of social media.

In such case, you have to share more videos than pictures because people like to watch and share videos more than photos. You can also keep an 80% or 20% share ratio between videos and pictures.

10) As some of your followers start growing. So you have to go live on the Instagram account and connect with your followers to build a good relationship with them.

If you make a good relationship with your followers, they will definitely like and share your upcoming posts. This method gives you more real followers on Instagram.

11) If your Instagram account is specifically related to the niche and you need niche-related followers. So you can comment on your contestant’s pictures and draw their followers towards you.

But you have to keep in mind one thing. Suppose your niche is related to fitness. Therefore you have to search for accounts and photos related to fitness.

12) If you have just started your Instagram account and you are looking to increase the followers of your Instagram account, then you should be consistent.

You won’t be able to succeed on Instagram without consistency. This means you have to engage with your followers in the initial days and upload pictures and videos at certain times.

You have to decide the time of uploading photos and videos and upload photos and videos at the same time.

13) If you add your location while uploading photos, it is more likely that the users of that location will definitely like and follow your photos because more users support the people of their city who live around them. This is also one of the effective methods.

14) If you have some money, you can grow your Instagram by investing money without effort. But this method will prove beneficial to you only if you have started your own Instagram account as a business.

Because we all know that the more we invest, the later we can recover it. But if you are only investing money to get real followers on Instagram, then it may not prove beneficial for you.

15) Always work on trending topics; you will benefit from working on trending topics. All your photos and videos are more likely to go viral. Because when any photo or video is viral, people search more about it and prefer to see the same type of pictures and videos.

If you do not get a trending topic, you can also use the trending hashtags in your photos because the hashtag is becoming more viral on Instagram. So trending hashtags should always be used while uploading pictures or videos to Instagram.

16) If you are in the early days and have fewer followers on your account, then follow people related to your niche. You only have to follow people whose followers are not very much and not very few.

When you get follow back from their side, you can unfollow them. But do not unfollow them immediately, wait a few days and then unfollow. In recent times, many people are following this trick, and their followers are also increasing.

17) You have to try to upload many photos and videos on Sunday because many people are free on Sunday and spend more time on social media.

18) If you want to increase your Instagram followers without working hard, then the most effective way is auto followers. You can increase followers on your Instagram account for free from any third party websites and apps.

You do not need to invest any money in it; you can start increasing followers immediately by downloading the Auto Followers application from PlayStore.


These methods will only work if you use them daily and apply them to your Instagram account. Otherwise, these methods will not work for you.

If you implement these methods in your Instagram account, So you will start getting real followers on Instagram. Even some celebrities use these methods.

If you also want to increase many followers on Instagram, then start using these methods from today. I hope you liked today’s article.

So don’t forget to share these methods with your friends. If you have any questions and suggestions, then you can tell us by commenting below.

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